About the Journal

The Civil Engineering Journal continues in tradition of the oldest engineering journal in the Czech Republic named Technický obzor (the Technical Bulletin, ISSN: 1804-8692). The Technical Bulletin had been published between years 1893 and 1950. This periodic had been prohibited after the communist revolution and its founder institution Spolek inženýrů a architektů (Association of Engineers and Architects) had been marked as a undesirable professional organization in 1950. After the fall of the totalitarianism in the Czech Republic a new, adherent journal named Stavební obzor (ISSN: 1210-4027) was founded in 1992.  This journal published 10 issues per year with 32 pages in an issue and became the top Czech periodical in the civil engineering field. Since 2006 the journal`s article names and abstracts are in English language. In 2015 the journal has undergone a big reorganization - printed publication has been abandoned and the journal has become online only (https://ojs.cvut.cz - CEJ). The publishing language has changed to English and the journal`s name changed accordingly.