Analysis of the influence of side wall opening on the arch structure of metro station using the PBA method


  • Yongxing Dai Guangzhou Metro Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd
  • Xingkai Pei Guangzhou Metro Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd
  • Zekun Chen Southwest Jiaotong University
  • Bolun Shi Guangzhou Metro Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd
  • Huijian Zhang Southwest Jiaotong University
  • Yujie Yang Southwest Jiaotong University
  • Wei Chen Southwest Jiaotong University



PBA method, side wall openings, differential settlement, safety factor, numerical calculation


In order to meet the traffic and commercial needs, it is sometimes necessary to open the side wall of the metro station, while the current research on the mechanical properties and safety of the arch caused by the opening of the side wall of the station by pile-beam-arch (PBA) method is rarely involved. In this paper, based on the Tianhe East Station project of Guangzhou Metro Line 11 located in soft-hard uneven stratum using PBA method, the settlement law and mechanical characteristics of the arch under different side wall opening conditions is analyzed, and the influence of opening construction and opening span on the safety of arch is also further studied. The results show that the settlement caused by the opening of the side wall is mainly concentrated in the upper part of the opening area, and gradually expands around the opening area with the increase of opening span, and the maximum settlement occurs in the middle part of the arch. Opening leads to the differential settlement at both ends of the arch. With the increase in opening span, the settlement growth trend of the right side of the arch is greater than that of the left side. The opening of the side wall leads to the increase of the safety factor of the arch body and the decrease of the safety factor of the right arch foot, while the change of the safety factor of the left arch foot is not obvious, and the safety factor meets the specification requirements.


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